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COVID -19 Precaution Measures

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Start from February 2020

Step 1 : Determine the focus groups to monitor

Step 2 : Setup Task Force comprising. Define roll and responsibility of each member

Step 3 : Determine Measures to prevent and Action Plans to cope in case any contracted case at factory premise.

- Precaution and Screening Plan

- Prevent and contain plan

- Re-opening plan

Step 4 : Communication internal to employee and external to every focus groups.

Step 5 : Knowledge and understanding educated to employee through every possible intra company medias.

Step 6 : Execute measures and action plan

6.1 Setup Hand Held body temperature check station

6.2 Install Thermo scan tunnel for automatic check

6.3 Install disinfectant spray before workers walk through Thermo Scan Tunnel. Using hospital grade disinfectant

6.4 Mask wearing at all time

6.5 Communicate and educate canteen vendors and visitor Temperature check before entering the premise. Register, keep visit record and travel history.

6,6 Provide sanitizer hand gel

6.7 Education boards, communication via email and LINE message to strengthen the understanding about COVID-19 for all employees.

6.8 Big Cleaning Day on monthly basis (increase frequency from quarterly)

6.9 Endeavour Social distancing

6.10 Define additional measures for those to violate the primary measures. 14 days quarantine and follow up for those who exposed or travel into area with Corona virus contraction case risk.

6.11 Obtain more knowledge from government authority.

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