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Memories of APA

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

APA is the founder of several family-based ceramics-related companies, including Crown Ceramics. Due to his kindness and compassion, Dr. Manus was well-respected by people around him whom mostly refer to him as ‘Aa-paa’ which means ‘Father’ in Chinese.

In 1976, Aa-paa launched Compound Clay Co., Ltd. with an idea to sell and export compounded clays to ceramics manufacturers and insulators manufactures both in Thailand and overseas.The company expanded to also manufacture and distribute units of insulators. In 1981, (at the age of 50) Asian Insulators Co.,Ltd. was launched. Aa-paa invited Mr. Yamaguchi, a specialist in insulators production, to become the company’s technical consultant. Aa-paa also assigned Mrs. Aree and Mr. Sanan Poopaiboon, his daughter and son-in-law to be responsible for obtaining technical knowledge and expertise in the business. This was considered an important breakthrough in insulators manufacturing business in Thailand.

In 1989, Aa-paa launched Fine Arts Ceramics Co., Ltd., home decorations manufacturer which later became an insulator manufacturer, and Ceramics Are Us Co., Ltd., which is an importer and distributor of machineries, raw materials, chemicals and refractory for ceramics ware. In 1991, he joined Taiwanese investors in launching Crown Ceramics Co., Ltd. In 1996, he became the sole shareholder of the company.

Aa-paa loved and was proud of Crown Ceramics. He had asked Anop Chirdkiatisak, Aa-paa’s eldest son, to join the management in 2001 and worked side by side with him. At the age of sixty, he dedicated most his time and knowledge to the company.Crown Ceramics has now become one of the top three high quality ceramics manufacturer in Thailand and is well known in international markets.

Apart from taking care of his own companies, Aa-paa also took position of Chairman of the Ceramics Industry Group of the Federation of Thai Industries for two terms. While in position, he played a large role in encouraging the government to push forward a regulation to decrease tax for high quality raw materials for ceramics, allowing Thailand to better compete in the international market. He also played a leading role among ceramics manufacturers in Thailand in meetings, field visits and negotiations with ceramics industries throughout ASEAN, China and Europe. Many praised Aa-paa as a very important figure in the ceramics industry.

Due to Aa-paa’s demonstrated knowledge, proficiency and experiences in addition to his immense contribution to the ceramics industry at the national level, the Faculty of Business Administration of Ramkamhaeng University has unanimously resolved to offer him the degree of Honorary Doctorate on Business management. He has also received royal decorations.

Based on the above account, it can be seen that Aa-paa’s strong determination, passion and sincerity in his work have proven that he has duly completed his role as a virtuous man. Apa passed away peacefully on 1 July 2010 due to heart attack. But his enduring dedication, compassion and eminence towards people that he came cross are to be remembered.

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